We've got one heck of a storm blowing outside. I went into the quilt meeting and it had just started coming down, I come out not 3 hours later and the car has 3 inches of snow on it. It's thick wet snow too. I think I would like playing in it if I weren't wet, tired, and wearing high heels. Oh yes, and it being 9:30 p.m. on a Monday didn't put me in such a playful mood either. Still, I couldn't go in without getting some blurry nighttime photographs.
Lastnight I found this cool tutorial on Craftster.org and just needed to try it out. The outside is a canvas-weight indigo print I bought in Japan 5 years ago. I didn't have enough to make the bottom of the bag 14" deep, so I think it came about about 12" or so, but I like it. The lining is a pillowcase from the set that Costas had when we first met. It's possible that I fell in love with him because he had tiger-striped sheets... Anyway, it's one of those super sentimental fabrics that I just want to include everywhere. This was a good project to use some of it up. I even took the RL tag and incorporated it into my tag on the lining. The button is wooden, I think, with some coating on it. The pattern is made by carving into the coating, and that's why one of the petals doesn't show up so clearly, I guess the coating got rubbed off somehow. The button came from a friend in Atlanta who happened to help an artist clean out her studio when she moved. Lucky friend.

So that's what I've been up to. The SCQGuild meeting went well. It seems I'll be nominated for next year's president. I think I put that idea in Marie's head and now all the ladies running the show have it practically decided already. Thankfully there will be elections in June, I would hate to be appointed, much rather be elected. I do have some qualms about taking the position, but nothing too serious. Mostly I worry about 2 things= what if I get pregnant? (they have assured me they'll hold the baby while I run the meetings) and will the 80+ members respect me/trust me even though I'm younger than most of their children? If nominated, I'll run. I've already got some fun ideas for activities floating around...


Peggy said...

Neat bag! Hmm...tiger sheets!!! Especially loved the label, fun idea.

Felicia said...

Your bag is terrific and I love your little tag.

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