Sunshine and carrots

I have found that spring cleaning can actually be quite fun. Today not only did I do all the typical chores (vacuuming, dusting, swiffering), but I sorted through my dresser drawers and closet, pulling out all my dark and heavy winter items for storage. I brought them down to the basement, sorted through the plastic storage tubs and grabbed a few spring-ish things, pleasantly surprized once again that I have a lot of spring/summer clothes. There are always some that I forget about but that I really do like. Because the weather is finally bright and sunny, I went out onto the deck to inspect the weather damage to our patio furniture (not so bad, thankfully), and after being inspired by Alicia's post, I decided to wash the shelves in my refridgerator too.
While doing laundry earlier this week, I came across a bag of tag sale linens that I picked up last May, so I threw a few into the wash and now I've got to find out how to use them. This awesome apron is one of them. The colors are wonderful-- I love finding things that match my kitchen. The fabric is linen though, so even though I ironed the heck out of it, it still looks wrinkley. The carrots are too cute, don't you think?
I emailed someone who posted an offer of free yarn on freecycle , but she hasn't replied yet. I have wanted to make some granny squares, but I don't really own much yarn aside from the second-hand Christmas afghan kit I brought home from Chicago. (I'm pretty sure I'd tire quickly of only green, white & red granny squares.) If she doesn't get back to me today I might have to pass on it. Tomorrow I'm planning to drive up to Boston early and attend church with Maria & Gregory. They tell me their church is big and crowded so they wouldn't notice an extra visitor. I miss big crowded Greek churches with chantors and incense... If it isn't too hard to get to, I think I'll try to convince Costas to spend Pascha up there this year.


catsmum said...

try putting a mix of one third white vinegar and two thirds water in a spray bottle and dampening your apron with it. Gets the wrinkles out of just about ANYTHING.

Judy said...

Love the apron! My fridge could use some cleaning too.

If you want yarn, I might be able to help. I need to clean out my massive amount in my craft closet and can send you a big box full. I used to buy tons and after finding quilting I haven't made an afghan in years. I wanted to clean out and organize but had no idea who or what to do with it. Just email me and we'll talk.

African Kelli said...

Oooh, that apron is fantastic. Simply fantastic! Great find!

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