Quilts Japan, Issue #12

Yeah, i could go in order with this project, but I didn't read the magazines in order, and I received them all in one glorious bunch, so I think I'll post about them as I flip through them. This is Quilts Japan, Issue #12. ISBN# 4-529-01599-8. I couldn't find a date on it, and I still don't know when QJ went from publishing issues at random times to having a set schedule of new issues coming out in odd-numbered months. There is an add inside for "Quilt Festival '89." The Japanese cover price is Y910. The US price tag is $14.95.
The main theme of this issue is the Monkey Wrench pattern, and page after page show this pattern done up as anything from curtains to tissue box covers. There are quite a few pillow and bag patterns.
There is also a large section on crazy quilts with a page full of tiny needle cases. Extensive embroidery patterns as well.
On pages 76-77, there is an awesome photo of a quilt that combines log cabins and tiny rail fence blocks with an excellent use of light and dark fabrics. I tried to get a picture but because it is a 2 page spread, I couldn't get the lighting right. Hmm.
The other thing I'd like to remember: p. 34 has some interesting quilting ideas for wide plain colored borders.

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