All the cultures are running together..

Happy St. Patrick's Day! In my mixed up multi-cultural life, today is my unofficial Greek name day. In Greece, everyone is named after saints, and their "name days" (the saint's day) is celebrated with people coming over to the house, everyone you know calling you, you calling all of your friends with the same name.. from what I've seen, your name day is more important than your birthday.
Now, there isn't a St. Jessica, but my middle name is Patricia (my mom gave me her name), and St. Patrick, as we know, is the patron saint of Ireland, and St. Patrick's day is celebrated wherever there are Irish people, all over the world. So I count March 17th as my name day.
So far it has been a nice St. Patrick's day, I'm listening to Celtic music in my bedroom, having pulled the laptop out of the sewing room just for a change of scenery. I did a nice long photo shoot in here (discovered a great new set up with just the right light) of the back issues of Patchwork Quilt Tsushin and Quilts Japan that Jan from Be*Mused sent me last month.

Here's the whole collection she sent. Aren't I the luckiest quilter? Thanks Jan~

I'm planning a detailed review of each issue, something to talk about when I don't have pictures that show the progress I'm making on my own quilting. Last night I quilted for 3 hours straight on the Winding Ways in my last post (just imagine me sitting under the quilt in that pic), and it's a challenge not to pick it up again right away today, but I want my fingers to rest and I don't think I've got enough DVDs or videos to get me through the weekend if all I do is quilt.

I'm debating running out to do some errands, but I don't have anything that really needs to get done, so I'm sure I'd just end up shopping. Maybe I should iron fabric instead.

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Jan said...

You're so welcome! I'm happy to have found a home for them.

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