While the cat’s away…

The mouse will..

take over the house with quilting projects?

So yes, our springtime ritual of traveling on opposite schedules has commenced once again. C is off on a plane crossing the Atlantic, and I plan to watch chick-flicks while quilting in front of the tv, use up all the gas in his gas tank, all the food in our cupboards, and try my hardest not to get so lonely that I go on a retail therapy rampage through the mall/outlet village/fabric store.

It’s only for 10 days, I’ll be fine.

1 comment:

PJ said...

THAT is funny and sounds fun-for what your will be doing! (sorry if I'm late) mine just left for 5 weeks and I have a house to unpack! 'me time' will certainly me in there somewhere. Your quilts are lovely!

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