Pajama pants

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day. I got up early to drive Costas to the airport, and I don't know if it was the sunshine on the drive back, or the realization that I had the entire weekend to myself to sew, but I was in a really good mood and my motivation level was high. His flight left wicked early, so I got home, cleaned the house, played on line a bit, and finished a few more t-shirt blocks all before Makiba called at 11. She wanted to make pajama pants, so I told her to come over.
As I may have mentioned, Makiba, though very stylish and creative, is not as craft-obsessed as I am. She needed to come over to make the pajama pants because (a) she doesn't have a sewing machine, and (b) she hadn't used one since junior high. Now, you know, I don't sew clothes. I'm pretty much good at making flat objects, or making quilted panels and shaping them into zakka-type items. I went through a phase in high school of wanting to be able to make my own clothes, and my grandmother helped me get through a few things (one of which was pajama pants, thankfully), but I am by no means a seamstress. But apparently, I knew more than Makiba and I had the right tools (straight pins, sewing machine, pincushion), so when we added that to our motivation and free time, and we were all set.
She tried to pretend like she needed help, but once I reviewed the basics, all of those junior high home-ec classes came back to her. She was at ease at the machine in no time. She needed me so little in fact, that I crochetted another hat while she sewed, just to keep myself busy and out of her way.
I think she got better photos of the finished product (complete with cute little pink buttons on the front), but she hasn't posted them yet...
In other news, this morning's internet wanderings brought me to two new awesome flickr groups:
Take a Stitch Tuesday and Trees Please

oh, and I finally uploaded pics of all of the quilts my great grandmother made at flickr and made a set: Quilts by Theresa Gleiter
I'll add details slowly in the flickr descriptions, but at least now all my pics are in one place.


Amy said...

It's so fun when you have people coming over to craft with. I know it's difficult for me to find any here where I am! :)

African Kelli said...

I wish I lived close and could come over with all my sewing questions! What a great help you are. :)

Megan said...

Just wanted to say hello, and thanks for coming over to my blog and leaving a comment. I have enjoyed my visit here and will come again to see how you are getting on. I am also off to check out those quilts on Flickr..>!

makiba said...

Hey, this is too much of me!!! Well, when can I do this PJ pants making day again!? How about next week too!?

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