Simple pleasures

Isn't it a wonder how the internet can make you so happy sometimes? I stumbled on to a delightful blog today by way of Threadlines and I've been reading through the older posts thinking, "why didn't I find this woman earlier?"
pixiegenne has posted so many things that I have thought or feel some connection with. it is nice and refreshing to read her blog. I know I should comment and tell her, but as I read more I keep finding more things to comment on.. and now i can't choose. Has that ever happened to you? It's a strange sort of new connection where you all the sudden want to sit down with the new person and chat over coffee for a few hours instead of whipping up some witty 2 line comment. Ah, but the joy of blogging is that we can all connect here and there on our own time. No rush, no deadlines, no need to cancel or break a coffee date. So I'll read a little more, and when I find the right thing to say, I'll comment. I hope my readers will do the same.

In the last week I got a flood of visitors to this blog, all from a simple mention over at Be*mused's blog. Jan, I want to thank you for that. I had never read Be*mused before but now I've added it to my bloglines. As I seem to be in a friendly-let's-appreciate-blogland-mood, here are a few of my other current favorites:

*anna dilemna is always entertaining.
*Moonstitches is a constant pleasure. Not only is Alex very talented in both crafts and photography, but in my opinion she lives in Wonderland (Japan) and her blog is a window on a world I long to be a part of.
*Luckybeans has the most beautiful children.
* and as I already mentioned, Kathie at Threadlines. Her blog is not only full of quilty inspiration but also ties me to my midwestern roots.

So you know who I like. Quilters. World travelers. Librarians.
Women like me.

(who knows, maybe I'll go back for that MLS yet, though I'm leaning more towards a Masters in TESOL these days...)

All day Sunday and Monday I plodded away at the t-shirt quilt and half of the blocks are finished. Some I like and some I don't, but I think there's still a good chance that they'll look alright if I choose a good layout. I was thinking, who's gonna want to sleep under a quilt of all my old t-shirts and memories? But I decided that I'll just put it on our bed when Costas leaves me home alone on his trips to Greece, hehe.

Monday night's quilt guild meeting was not what I was expecting. I almost felt like my time would have been better spent if I had stayed home and sewed. The guest speaker, Marci of Sleeping Cat Patterns did a trunk show, but it was more of a sales pitch and she brought what seemed like half of her inventory to sell to us. I found it strange but it must have worked out well for her, the line to purchase things wrapped around the room. They did collect all of our donation lap quilts for the VA hospital in Brocton, and it looks like we've got quite a lot. I know the guild wanted to have at least 80 to donate, maybe we're half way there? With only 4 month's notice, that's not bad. There will be another Show committee meeting next Monday at Marie's, hopefully that'll be more productive/eventful.


jojo* said...

Thought I'd delurk and say hi! Coming by way of be*mused. Funny, I almost did my masters in TESOL and then ended up getting a MLS instead :)

carolyn said...

howdy. what kind of interfacing are you using on the t-shirts? i have a bag of my cousin's old t-shirts she wants me to make into a quilt...

carrster said...

I love "meeting" new creative, inspiring and talented people via blogs - simple pleasures indeed! I'm happy to have found your blog. :)

kjquilts said...

Thanks for the links. I'll check them out!

African Kelli said...

I do know that feeling! It is so fun to find someone in blogland that has the same interests as you -- reaffirming. So glad you found her. :)

luckybeans said...

Hey, thanks! Um, glad you think my kids are cute.

alex said...

Thank you, Jessica, that's so sweet of you!

Judy said...

I've been reading Kathie's blog forever it seems. Good blog. I'm not sure how I found your blog actually, probably on someone side bar.

I've been to guild talks like that and also been off-put. Not what I want to hear, let alone purchase from someone.

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

It's quite a thing this blogland. I enjoy reading the blogs, and comments of the ones I'm interested in as well. Sometimes I do wonder just exactly what the comments mean-intended to be helpful, rude, or just a kindred spirit?

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