Change of plans

sadly, my quilt retreat was over before it even began.

Due to a combination of unforseen circumstances, we were unable to use either Lexi's father's house in Bethlehem, or her mother's place on New Castle. As her apartment is only slightly larger than a shoebox, that was quickly ruled out as well (not to mention it's overrun by two lovable longhaired cats). After a nice visit with Cath & Tom on Thursday night/Friday morning, I went for a long deep Reiki session in Portsmouth and then over to Lexi's place just in time to meet her as she came home from work. I got the news and took it well. She and I ran over to Fat Belly's for dinner and a long chat and after a short visit back at her place, I was on the road again. In total, I spent about 24 hours in New Hampshire.

I can't lie, I was disappointed. And Costas was shocked to see me when I got home. Though he was sad I was going away, he quickly arranged his schedule to be productive and spend time working on his paper. I didn't expect him to drop everything and pay attention to me, but this morning when I woke up I wasn't really in the mood to quilt either. I guess I really had my hopes up that I would have bright light, fresh air, and ample sewing space all weekend. It's alright though, i ran some errands and now I'm back in my sewing room, uploading photos and listening to UA to keep myself busy and out of Costas' hair.

At Cathy's I was able to do a little quilting on my Postcard Stripe quilt. This afternoon I worked a little bit more and decided I'll bind it before the quilting is finished. I'm so close to being done anyway, might as well. This picture sat framed on my desk at work for years, no matter where I worked. Makoto has grown quite a lot since it was taken in the spring of '03, I should take another pic and compare them.

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SoulBee said...

oh cute little...mokoto? oy i can't quite remember. his name is something like that.

oh darling. i love you so much. i am so sorry about this weekend. that's just my life right now, totally unprediictable and i feel pretty bad about it, i just don't have things quite together. but it's so nice to see you and i loved listening to you speak japanese this weekend...

love you so much, i'm sorry i'm such a flake of late. sometime i'm gonna just have to stay STOP to everything.



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