i came home from work as soon as I could to greet any trick-or-treaters, but we had only one this year. With all that time on my hands, I managed to straighten up the house and do some laundry, and then I reclaimed the sewing room.

I had jotted down a quick list of the possible projects I could work on this weekend, and tonight i pulled stuff out, matched fabrics, played with a few UFOs, reorganized my sewing box, and packed things into a travel basket. in the end (well, i can still change my mind tomorrow), i chose 5 projects...

1. a tiny lap quilt
2. a cathedral windows pillow to match the lap quilt
3. the yellow & blue hawaiian applique block mentioned in my last post (the border fabric looks pretty good btw)
4. a hawaiian applique pillow
5. the winding ways quilt

the first 3 are UFOs from Atlanta (circa early '03), #4 was started in the spring of '05, and #5 is the only current project. I don't expect to get everything finished, heck, #1 is the only project anywhere near completion (mostly quilted, needs binding). I chose these projects because i wanted to have something to do no matter what my mood or location. There are applique projects, machine piecing projects, things to baste and things to quilt. Cath & Tom's place has good lighting and lots of cozy spots to curl up and do hand work. The house in New Castle also has good curl up spots, but there is table space as well, and what I really hope to do is to get the Winding Ways quilt basted because i have no room to baste it at home.

I got the Silver City newsletter in the mail today and inside was a list of Quilt Shows coming up.. just my luck, there will be one in Nashua this weekend. I don't want to take away from my quilting time on Saturday with Lexi, but maybe I can convince auntie Cath to drive down with me on Friday... hmm.

There are still a bunch of things I've got to take care of before I leave. One big one is clearing the memory card of my camera. It's still full of the pics from my White Mts. roadtrip. I've also got to find a birthday present for the neighbor and leave Costas something to feed the turtle. Right now i'm in the middle of 2 loads of laundry. Better get those done before I get too sleepy.

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