End of October bliss

The lighting was terrible for a photo shoot tonight, but I have so many nice things to show~

After work I hit the Fabric Place because they had a 25% off everything sale. I went in to get an Ott-Lite but $76.95 for a little lamp!! even with the discount that's way out of my price range. I almost walked straight out, but then woops, i bought a lot of fabric. But, it all came off the remnant table and with the discount, it was only $3 per yard. I got some really cute prints, plus nice plain stripes (green & blue, blue & brown, a floral green & white). The only fabric that actually has a purpose already is a yellow & blue print (pics of apples) that should make a nice border to the hawaiian applique block I finished a few weeks ago. I haven't even had the chance to hold it up to see how it'll look-- i partially think tonight's shopping spree was to make up for being exiled from the sewing room.

Well, the night improved with a phone call from Mrs. K in Tomakomai. She called while I was driving and we talked for 40 minutes or so. When I got home, there was a package waiting for me from my grandma-- a beautiful patchwork bag in holiday colors, nice soaps and other little goodies. I feel so blessed and lucky today.

An email came from Lexi this morning and there's been a last minute change to our retreat weekend-- instead of Bethlehem we're going to New Castle Island. So no mountains, but we get the ocean instead. I'm not complaining.

I did manage to be a little creative this weekend. These yummy guys came with to Angeliki's dinner party yesterday.

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African Kelli said...

Super cute cookies. You made those? I'm totally impressed. And that is a great gift from your grammie.

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