I have been a little quiet lately and I think it's because finding "balance" to me usually means spending one month obsessively focused on "thing 1" and the next month helplessly overinvloved with "thing 2." I bounce back and forth but have not yet found a way to incorporate all my interests and responsibilities harmoniously into any sort of habit or routine.

My lovely new work space has generated a lot of inspiration and happiness, but not yet any actual productive sewing. Unfortunately I won't get to any this weekend either because we're having a house guest from tonight through Tuesday am. I'm very happy to have Stefan come and stay with us (a former collegue of my husband, and fellow economist), but the guest room is the sewing room, so..

This lack of craftiness will definitely be compensated for soon though-- The plans for our Bethlehem quilt retreat are almost all set! I'll leave Thursday night and drive up to Barrington, NH, where I'll visit with my aunt & uncle for a day ("visiting" with them is very condusive to quilting, as I've mentioned here), then Friday night Lexi & I will drive up to Bethlehem and quilt until we can't stand it anymore~
I promised C I'd be home by dinner on Sunday. If all goes well, I should have tons to post about when I get back.


Kathie said...

Hope your retreat is successful and that you get lots accomplished. Time away alwsys seems so much more productive.

African Kelli said...

Oooh, have such a fun trip! And I hear you. My guest room is also my office and studio. Everything gets put away when I have people over!

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