I just love how some things don't change

I had a wonderful, calm, relaxing, productive weekend in New Hampshire. First I drove up to Barrington to see my aunt Cath and
uncle Tom. I have been going to their house since college and they never fail to make me feel at peace and loved. Cathy suggested bringing a quilt to work on because they are huge Red Sox fans and I'm not, so I did, and man, i was sooo productive. Not only did i add a lot of quilting to a big ufo, but the weather was nice and sunny, so I took a lot of fun pictures as well:
These flowers were growing along the front walk. If anyone knows what they're called, please comment. I love these~

A close-up of the quilting. I'm using yellow verigated pearl cotton #8. It quilts like a dream.

On Sunday I drove to Portsmouth and picked up the fabulous and talented Lexi, and even though we hadn't seen each other in a year, and hadn't crafted together in... 5(!!), we fell right back into a comfy groove, chatting, teaching and inspiring each other as we did in college. It was so good to see her. The two of us spent the whole afternoon working on our quilts (just my luck, she was in the middle of a big project too~). I couldn't think of a better way to spend a weekend.


sarah said...

I love your last photo--curled up on a couch under a quilt in progress. I love having time to myself to do that. It seems like there's so few quilt bloggers who handquilt; and it's nice to see someone else doing it! :)

ACey said...

the flowers you love are mountain laurel

mangetsu said...

This last photo really is expressing something... so nice to see you quilting and being comforted by your actual work, love that picture.

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