Work in Progress Friday

Wow, I've never been blogging and quilting so steadily before that I actually had a WIP post to post on a Friday. It's silly how excited I am about this.
I'm also excited about two other things= First, Caroline from Dollie Daydream recommended me as a "blog to visit." Yay. Thanks Caroline. Then, I was invited to post my pic of the tea cozy at the flicker group Guten Tag.

The creative energy hasn't stopped yet, and actually, it has even gotten a little contagious. After 3 days, I won Satoko over and she decided to quilt a small project. She's making a small pencase from the November '04 issue of Quilts Japan which I mentioned here. It's so cute but sooo tiny. What do you think?

It's got rows of little houses all along the sides. We quilted all day yesterday and made a lot of progress, but we're not quite finished yet. As tempting as it was to make a little house pencase myself, I really felt obligated to keep working on my pile of UFOs, so I took out a small patchwork piece that I assembled 2 years ago (before that same trip to Athens in '04 when I made the table mats in my last post). I wanted to make a large pencase following a pattern in this book:

(sorry for the blurry photo, i just took it now as I'm posting). I had only made one half of the patchwork top and then stopped, so I ironed it out, chose a nice solid print to make up the second half, and got away to basting and quilting. Here's a pic from the early stages:

It's all assembled except for the triangles that will give it a boxy shape, and the handle. I like it, but it's big. I think 4 of Satoko's pencases could fit inside, hehe.
Anyway, we spent all today in Worcester with Costas. It was nice to get out of the house and give my fingers a chance to recover. Satoko is suposed to be leaving this weekend, but maybe we'll have a chance to make more progress tomorrow before she goes. Of course, I'll post pictures if we do.


Kathie said...

I'm so envious of people who actually get things sewn. Looks like fun.

lazylol said...

Hi - love your blog. I followed dolliedaydreams link here! You are a talented quilter. i just learning the craft. Do you do mostly hand quilting?
I'll be reading your blog from now on.

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