The inspiration from Cape Cod

I can't decide if I want to sew or blog, but if I'm typing this, I guess I'm blogging.

We returned from vacation on Friday and I have been so wonderfully inspired since going to Tumbleweed that I feel new energy has been breathed into me. Here's what I bought:

This is Quilts Japan, November 2004. The theme is "Houses" and inside there are more than 20 patterns for house blocks. I've never really been into house blocks, but the way they put them together really struck something in me. There's also a section on "houses in my town," and the quilts/blocks that were made of houses throughout Japan are truly amazing. I love the shades of blues and greens, the trees, sky, pathways.. you can really tell a story with these quilts. There are also some cute pen case and book cover patterns that I'll probably never get around to making, but thought I should own just in case.

Patchwork Quilt Tsushin, August 2005
Next is Patchwork Quilt Tsushin, August 2005. It's not current, but it's seasonally appropriate. The cover says "Summer Workshop: quilt de natsu o tanoshimu" which i'll translate as "enjoying summer through quilts." Inside there's an interesting take on embroidering hawaiian quilts, a pattern that uses beautiful linen and organza flowers ( i don't think i'll make the wall hanging, but the flowers would look nice added to a variety of things), crochetted flower trims, a nifty cathedral windows bag, and an article/photo display of quilting and needlework in Turkey & Greece. Quilting in Greece?!? yeah, that's why i had to buy this issue. One of the women they interview is Myrto Vlassonpoulou, in Athens. Years ago after I came home from Japan and was first trying to get involved in the international online quilt scene, I asked around about fabric shops in Athens and was put in touch with Myrto via email. We emailed a few times but of the 3 times I went to Greece in 2002-2003, I never had enough time to sneak away. (At the time I also didn't have the confidence to leave the protective shelter of my mother-in-law's house). I didn't email her again, but when I saw the article I knew i needed to read it and try to get in touch again if and when we ever move to Athens for good. There's a picture with the article of 6 Greek women standing and displaying their quilts. ** Deep deep sigh of relief** there is, however small, a quilting community in Athens. Ok Costas, we can go now.

Patchwork Quilt Tsushin, June 2006
The most recent magazine I found was Patchwork Quilt Tsushin, June 2006. The bag on the front is pretty, but not quite my style. I usually don't waste my money on Patchwork Quilt Tsushin, but this issue had something extra.. page after page of beautiful inspirational shibui quilts, all with the color theme (?) "cafe au lait." And on the page of komono that said "milk tea," there was the sweetest, not-too-country, hand-stitch-intensive, tiny little tea cozy. yeah, i've got bunches of other patterns for tea cozies, but this one wanted to come home with me, and i actually want to make it. That's the sewing I had been pulled to do tonight. I've got the fabrics chosen, but now comes ironing, cutting, and figuring out/enlarging the pattern (whose tea pot is only 13cm in diameter?!). maybe it won't happen, but i'm happy with the creative inspiration none the less.

There's one more big and wonderful book, but that'll have to wait for another post.

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Kay said...

These magazines look wonderful, and I love your tea cozy. I bought a couple of Japanese magazines in Paris, and think they're so beautiful. But I haven't done anything with then yet.

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