My large pouch is all done (and filled with socks to keep its shape during the photo shoot)!

Here's what it was supposed to look like:

and here's the pattern:

Satoko is steadily making progress on her pencase though I must say her pattern is much much tougher than mine. Here it is, all finished but the bias binding to cover the raw edges on the inside. It is her first attempt at quilting and she says she won't try it again soon. At least she'll have a nice little memento of her visit.
and here is the one in the magazine, for comparison.


Penny said...

Oh, the pencil case is so cute. It does look like there is a lot of applique on it for a beginner.

I like your tea cosy as well. Very nice.

Kathie said...

Yeah, your friend has great intestinal fortitude to work on something as teeny as that for a first project. Kind of like knitting socks... Good for her for finishing!

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