pics of real happiness

last night I spent a good chunk of time piecing blocks for the Winding Ways quilt.

the process was made even sweeter because Costas came up to play guitar while I worked..
He made a great dinner last night too, man I love this guy~


SoulBee said...

love the updates on what you're doin' lady!
i went to portsmouth fabric yesterday to pick up my mom from a sewing class (she can't carry her heavy machine far so i helped out) and had to buy three pretty fat quarters ostensibly to recover the seat of my folding chair. they might be too pretty to sit on though, i'm not sure. need to get myself some photosharing, ii feel like i was channeling you while i was there because they're very jess fabrics.
love ya girlie. later tater.

caroline said...

Sounds like a fabulous evening - lucky you.

lazylol said...

lovely pictures and I think the quilt is already looking great!

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