it's time for bed

I haven't had many crafty thoughts this week, and I feel out of sorts because of it. work has been hectic. why do I let myself get wrapped up in it like that? I need to become obsessed with a big quilting project so I leave work on time and get home to sew. none of the projects I've got in the works are pulling me so intensely anymore..
Good things that happened this week:
-I had a hearing at the RMV and the surcharge for my 11/2004 car accident will be removed. it wasn't my fault, it was the ice on the road that made me total my car that night. whew~ this means I should get a BIG FAT refund check shortly. Sadly, i can't get lost in daydreams of spending it on fabric (or even travel), it has been pre-ear-marked to pay off part of my student loans.
-I finished reading a wonderful book-- Ahdaf Soueif's The Map of Love. Stories told through diaries and across generations. A very tender inter-cultural love story. My perfect type of novel, highly recommended. And aside from getting a healthy dose of romance, i learned a fair deal about 20th century Egyptian history as well.
-We booked plane tickets for Chicago for Christmas. My homesickness as of late has caused us to book a trip for two weeks with my family. I am looking forward to it now, but hope it goes smoothly-- two weeks can be a long time.

and the not so good things that happened this week=
-The RMV hearing caused me to miss half a day at work, so I'll have to go in tomorrow to finish preparing for my classes, which start Monday.
-I tried to throw a party today (a Sarah Coventry jewelry party), but after inviting 25+ people, only 3 showed up. so disappointing. I'm trying not to feel too bad about it, but I've got to accept that I just live too far away to have my co-workers actively involved in my social life. Either I need to make new friends closer to home, or I stop inviting people over.

ah, but my mood definately improved after opening today's mail. I got a big envelop from my grandmother full of quilt related newspaper clippings, a quilt mag, and lots of photos from my childhood. Tomorrow in the morning I'll try to take pictures of the pictures (i don't have access to a scanner) and maybe post a few here or on flickr.

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caroline said...

Pleased to hear about the good things - sorry to hear about the bad things. A big 'hurray' for grandmothers who send just the right things at just the right time to cheer the spirits!

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