The Narrows Festival for the Arts

Costas and I went to church this morning (we aren't frequent churchgoers and I have learned not to feel guilty about that, but today I was hoping to run into my friend, Mary) and heard from the Philoptohos ladies that there was an arts festival today down by the waterfront. Two of the men from church had a booth selling gyros so we thought we'd stop by for lunch.
The festival was just starting as we got there and it was really nice to walk around the booths and talk to people. I love festivals like that (though most booths today were a little more "arts" than "crafts") and usually have a hard time convincing Costas to go with me. He really surprized me by how much he enjoyed it, and how much he bought! Aside from the two gyros, we also came home with two framed photographs of Fall River architecture, tickets to see Steve Forbert on Sept. 30th, and this very cute stained glass fish made by Laura Breakell Fernandez.

We also sat and listened to some really good local bands, including Shipyard Wreck, who completely blew us away.

I think today's excursion may lead to Costas and I trying to experience more of the local culture because we had a lot of fun. Fall River has its Heritage Fall Festival coming up on Sept 30th, and New Bedford has its Working Waterfront Festival around the same time. I had been planning on volunteering at the New Bedford festival, but it would be great if I could talk C into helping out as well. We always have such good intentions, and then end up not going because we feel obligated to work or take care of personal stuff. It's only times like today, when we stumble onto fun, that we actually get to take part in local events. Oh well, perhaps we should just try to stumble onto the others as well.

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Elle said...

Don't you just love local festivals? Always something interesting!

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