laying out a plan

This morning I started working on my plan to organize the volunteers for the guild Quilt Show. We are just 12 months away from the show, but there is so much to be done and seeing as before this morning we still didn't have Show Chairs, i thought the best route would be to make my own decisions and get as organized as possible before the October meeting.
The guild meeting last Monday went very well. As I suspected, I am no longer the "new girl" and after 5 minutes of being there, Joan asked me to help sell raffle tickets. So I walked around the room and said hello to everybody. I'm pretty sure everyone who was there knows who I am now. Our new location is just fabulous. Last year we were meeting in a community room off the food court of the Taunton Mall. It was a big room, but the furniture and carpet were stained and the whole place smelled of french fries. Now we've got a nice big space on the second floor of an Assisted Living home. Nice furniture, big windows, just a better atmosphere overall. During the meeting I got up and talked for a few minutes about the volunteers we'll need both before and during the show. Marie had some general sign up forms out on the table and we got about 12 people to sign up. The guild keeps growing though, and already we're at 70+ members I think.
This morning I made some phone calls, got one woman to commit to be a Show Chair (still need a second though, she suggested her sis-in-law), and wrote up a nice letter/info sheet to include with this month's newsletter. I feel pretty on top of things. It was also nice to call and laugh with a few ladies as we talked about the plans. It feels so good to get to know people.
Well, as for my own quilting endevors.. work was stressful this week and on Friday I endulged in a little ($50 worth) retail therapy. At the guild meeting they announced that they're going to start a Round Robin and that got me thinking about the blue & green batik blocks I had started for a swap a few years ago but never finished.. I pulled out the blocks and a bunch of other blue & green batik scraps and thought it might make a nice center block for the RR. The more I played around though, i decided that it'd be better if I just sewed it up on my own, adding a few borders with black or the batik scraps. Of course this meant that I need to go out and buy a few more yards of black, and while I was at The Fabric Place i happened across some nice bilaterally symmetric Hoffman fabric on the sale table and got re-inspired to make a Gamelan quilt, and then needed some background fabric for that... and on and on and.. well, now i've got a lot of new fabric, and two new quilts to work on. hehe.
blue & green batik scraps, and a quilt idea

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