She called it a Stitch n Bitch..

Hell, I don't care what she calls it, my friend from work, Joanna, wants to get together and craft! She knits, her old roommate (that happens to live in my town) sews & knits, and me, well y'all know what I do already. The best part about it was that it was really Joanna's idea, and it started because her friend needs to learn how to finish off knitting projects. And this friend of hers lives in Fall River!! how lucky is that? i should mention that Joanna recently stopped working @ Higashi, so there won't be any more scheduling problems and summer vacation is coming up in a week so I'll have tons of free time and.. well...
i'm excited~
Plus since Joanna stopped working, it's sad not to see her 4 days a week. I hope this will give us an excuse to get together more often. I'm going to see her today at Higashi's Bon Dance Festival, so hopefully we can talk more about it then. yay~

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