the more you search, the better it gets

We are vacationing on Cape Cod.
Today it was raining so I left C at the resort to work on his paper and I took the car on a small tour of the local quilt shops (just in Hyannis & Barnstable).
First: Heart Beat Quilts, Hyannis.

don't bother. such a dissapointment, though not as bad as the one in Westport, or the one in Bristol, RI. Very... mainstream. I left without buying anything.

Then: Tumbleweed Quilts, Barnstable.

OMG. Remember how much I liked the Tumbleweed Quilts in Pembroke? This shop (same owners, i assume) is 10 times better. Amazing. i loved every minute, and i got lost in there for about an hour! an entire row (5 cases of 3 shelves each) of japanese fabrics. I bought 1 issue of Quilts Japan and 2 of Patchwork Quilt Tsushin. Beautiful beautiful stuff. I'd gladly make the 1.5 hour drive from Fall River just to go back and spend time there. Luckily i was able to control myself and got out of there for under $80. whew.

so i'm really really happy now. more details at a later date, now we're off to grab a bite to eat and take a bike ride.

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caroline said...

oh you are making me so jealous - a whole hour in a quilting shop - you must show us photos of your purchases (just to make me even more jealous).

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