Ume Boshi

I finally got C to leave the house so I could have some time alone. All this "quality time" we've been spending is great and all, but I haven't sewn a darn thing all week. I said, "Baby, i've gotta quilt." He was cool with that, we're making progress.

But.. it's sooo hot up here! this room gets direct sun nearly all day, and the thermostat says it's 83 degrees! I know having the computer on doesn't help, nor the iron when I was ironing fabric earlier, but the windows can only open up so wide.. I think we're not turning on the airconditioning because he was shocked at our last electric bill. I'm fine with conserving energy, but it does mean that I'm taking 2+ showers a day..

Whew. anyway, part of the reason I didn't sew all week was that I ran out of cut patches. Nancy warns about this in her book, how it's a pain in the neck to stop sewing to cut more fabric, but now i see what she means. Not only did I have to wash more deep pink, but after I ironed and cut it this afternoon, i realized my calculations were wrong and I should have washed 3 yards instead of a yard and a half. (see, i bought 6+ yards of the deep pink off the clearance table @ the Fabric Place, and instead of wash it all at once, I've been cutting and washing as I go, I'm not quite sure why.) But now I have pieces cut to make 17 more blocks and that should get me through the week.

Oh, last Monday I went to a guild meeting to discuss our upcoming quilt show. They have decided to hold off and have it in September '07 instead of next spring, probably to give us more time to get things in order. I have never organized a quilt show before, and neither have most of the members at the meeting (15 people came, out of the 60+ members of the guild), but just from listening it seems like we're going all out. I've never been to a quilt show that had vendors, but ours will aparently. And it will have a bunch of other things that I'd never heard of or witnessed. Wow. I can't wait to see how it all comes together. So yeah, i volunteered to be the "volunteer coordinator," figuring that I like meeting people, working together, organizing things, and volunteering in general. I really don't know what I'm getting myself into, but i've committed to it, so I'll find out along the way.
The meeting was really nice, held at a member's home, and reminded me so much of the guild I left in Atlanta. I got to know some of the other quilters a little better, and we're having another planning meeting in August, so by the time the first meeting in September rolls around, i should feel pretty involved, and atleast I won't feel like the "new girl" any longer.

well, the title of this post was just something on my mind as I sat down to write. I have a tub full of umeboshi in the fridge and was considering them for a snack. It's that or more chocolate covered graham crackers. I should probably just start sewing and then I'll forget about the snack, right?


Anonymous said...

Hey cutie,

You'll have to keep me posted on that quilt show!!

So I bought a buttery yellow backing fabric for my quilt and have since decided i don't like it and really want to go with the burnt orange instead...so now that I have about 6 yards of buttery yellow that I don't know what to do with...maybe I'll make curtains! Or save it as the backing for my next quilt...Matty wants me to make him a teeshirt quilt from all his old teeshirts, so I think I might try that out -- a bit of a departure!

Love ya mucho


mangetsu said...

And, which snack won?
I like Ume Boshi very much, but normally I eat it with rice, don't you need rice?

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