Tea cozy

I did work more on the side project after posting last night, and I sewed all the patches together this morning. Now it's in that wonderfully portable stage-- each panel is nicely sandwiched and basted and I can take them anywhere- out on the deck, in front of the TV, or to the quilt show committee meeting tonight.

Here's what it's supposed to look like. I enlarged the pattern by 1/4" all around each panel and guestimated the bottom to hopefully accomodate the increase. (so bad at math, don't tell Costas). The panels are made entirely from what was in my scrap bucket, even the lining. The color scheme was chosen to match my kitchen. I still need to choose something for the binding, i'm leaning towards green, but I haven't pulled out my tubs of fabric yet.

I've only got about 3 hours until I should leave for the meeting. Ugh, having nothing to do sure does make the day go by fast. I have a feeling that my 2 week vacation at home will be over before I know it. Better go clean the house a bit.


Amy said...

How cute! I haven't seen one quite like that. I like that the spout still sticks out.

Diane D. said...

I think your cozy is going to be wonderful - can't wait to see the finished product!

mathea said...

I have that issue of Patchwork T.. as well, but haven't got round to making anything from it. The tea cozy looks lovely and the colours you have chosen look great. I'm looking forward to seing the finished product :-)

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