Taking the first steps

While I might not have blogged much this month, I'm happy to report that I have been quilting.
Last weekend I re-read the instruction section of Nancy Elliot MacDonald's Winding Ways Quilts: A Practically Pinless Approach (check it out) that I first posted about here, and then got down to business. Her method for folding the fabric before cutting seemed tricky but was actually very simple and made cutting the pieces a breeze. (i should mention that cutting is one of my less favorite steps in quiltmaking). I took my time piecing the first block, stopping to read the directions carefully before each step, and... it worked. I made a winding ways block!

I was so excited by how easy it was that this project doesn't intimidate me at all anymore, and I've been happily piecing about 2 blocks a night after work all week. I would do more, but now that Costas is back, we're making a big effort to spend quality time together each day. Still, if I keep up at this rate and sew about 2 blocks per night, I'll be done with my blocks in less than a month. Sounds ambitious, but so long as the motivation stays, I might as well keep at it.

In other news, I'm still committed to "use what I have" for July and it looks like I might be successful for two months in a row. This makes me quite proud, and as today was payday and my account wasn't in the double digits last night, "use what you have" is definately good for me.


caroline said...

I find the cutting out of all the pieces so tedious - my most favourite bit is the actual quilting when it suddenly becomes 'real'.

I love the fabric combination you are using can't wait to see the quilt top in all its glory.

Carmen said...

I love that block, I like how the edges of the cross are curved, very pretty

Kathie said...

I was excited to see you working on a Winding Ways! I did one of these last year as a baby gift and it turned out very well. http://flickr.com/photos/kateri/40512174/in/set-734689/ I'll be anxious to see how yours progresses. The secondary patterns are very fun.

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