A Rainy night of Winding Ways

A whole week at work flew by and now it's Friday night again. C is working late and it's raining (again). I checked the bank account before leaving work and decided that I could finally buy some fabric (no real rational logical explanation, just finally allowing myself to give in to an obsession that I try to strictly control otherwise). For weeks I had been going to the Fabric Place in Randolph, having been called off the busy street, so close to my highway exit, by the BIG big sign that read "Clearance."
I didn't buy anything the last 2 or 3 times I was in there, but tonight, i went all out.
I got two books: Nancy Elliot MacDonald's Winding Ways Quilts, and Jeana Kimball's Loving Stitches: a Guide to Fine Hand Quilting. The Winding Ways book was quite enticing--- I have admired the pattern for years, but really never thought I'd make anything in it after I tried to hand piece one test block (6" square) when I lived in Japan. But Nancy has a method for machine piecing that looks almost manageable, so I grabbed a 28mm rotary cutter as she suggests, and headed to the quilt fabric clearance tables. There were actually a lot of fabrics that I liked, but having finally chosen a pattern for a project that I tried to start last year at this time (when I bought some 10+ yards of fabric for it), I decided to pick up the two coordinating fabrics that I "needed," a light green and a light pink, to get it started.

I really should have thrown them in the wash before I started writing this entry, but oh well, i doubt I'll start cutting anything until tomorrow at the earliest, and I wanted to write about it as much to get my creative thoughts recorded as to make a post after nearly 2 weeks..

the fabric I already had is an Alexander Henry asian-ish small scale floral print, in deep pink/maroonish on light pink. yeah, that's a bad description, I'll need to take a picture. Tonight my idea for this project is to make a 73" x 55" napping quilt, with a total of 48- 9" blocks. will I change my mind before the fabric is washed and dried? Let's see...

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mangetsu said...

Did you?
And did you take photos?
Very rainy greetings from Japan, Alex

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