rainy days are bad for taking photos

yeah. so..
i have wanted to post for a few days now, but i have so much to show and no sunlight to make nice photos with.

Anyway. Costas is gone and i haven't yet cut into the winding ways quilt project i've been talking about. i did take a pic of the fabric though:

See what bad lighting does? the light pink is not so bright, and the green is a lot brighter. of course i'll post again when i've actually cut it and made some blocks. Hopefully by then it will have stopped raining.

I don't mind the rain really, the air is cool and smells refreshing. driving in it isn't fun though, and i've got plans to go out tonight.. bah.

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chie said...


私のBBSに英字でも書き込めるように設定しましたので、ぜひjessicaさんの作品を貼りに来てください。 待っています。

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