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Costas leaves in 2 days. Last night we went out to dinner, just on a whim, and i toasted to our anniversary because we will be apart for it again this year. (June 27th will be 3 years). Last year he took his mom to Florida for our anniversary, and i stayed home. this is how I like to tell the story, so it sounds worse than it really was... they had to go to Florida to fix up and sell the apartment she owned, and part of the money that came from this sale became the down payment on our own home, so actually it was to our benefit that he and his mom escaped to Florida last spring. This year the story doesn't get too interesting. He wanted to go home earlier in the summer because there was no reason to wait til I had vacation if I wasn't going to join him. The tickets were cheaper and the weather is nicer earlier in the summer. I'm happy he's going. Happy for him because there's still a lot of healing he needs to do after the loss of his brother 14 months ago, and he's so removed from that event in our life here in America. He needs to spend some quality time with his family, at home.
I've previously hinted at why I'm happy for myself that he's leaving... my free time will be 100% mine. i want to sew/quilt/read/write letters or do whatever. i'm definately not going to watch the nightly Greek political talk shows that he always has on the TV when i get home from work. Yeah, i'll miss him. But i'll console myself by making things.
Speaking of making things.. I had the great plan to hit all the quilt shops in western MA on my drive home from my 5 year college reunion yesterday. But-- none of them were open on a sunday! even the one i had called in advance to check and make sure.. they had taped a sign in the window saying "closed sunday 5/28." Damn holiday weekend! So instead i stopped at Michaels and got a "paper piercer" (looks just like an awl or a stiletto) for making the Winding Ways blocks using the method she does in the book. still have not built up courage to do a test block yet, but soon...

i went on flickr yesterday and still had 100% of my bandwith available to upload pics. i guess may has been a slow month around here. I feel the need to take lots of pictures and upload them before the 31st, but i don't really have anything to take pictures of. Here's one from reunion though:

A very small portion of the women of the Smith College class of 2001. The rest of them had been partying the night before and didn't get up so early for the parade.. Total alums in attendance, 100+, total members of the class of 2001, 600+. I wished more people had come, but it was a lot of fun anyway.

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