lemon tart

I don't usually count "cooking" as one of my hobbies, but I do enjoy trying out a new recipe. This one came from the Weight Watchers cookbook great cooking everyday, ISBN 0-02-863530-2. I just started WW again last week, and it feels good to be paying more attention to food again. I like this cookbook because it gives the points for each serving (6 for 1/8th of the lemon tart, incase you were wondering..), and has a lot of recipies for dishes that seem complicated, but actually aren't that hard at all.

Tomorrow we're invited to Voula's house for Pascha (Greek Easter), and I wanted to bring something pretty, but that wouldn't cause me to blow my diet. The tart in the picture is only the trial run. After it sets I'll split it three ways= a taste for me & C, and taste for each of my two neighbors that are also doing WW. Then after I finish this post, it's back to Shaws to buy more lemons and I'll make another tonight before we go to church at 11.

The recipe can be found on my flickr page:


just click the button on the top to view it in the largest size.

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