Knitting vs. Quilting

how come it seems like there are more young knitters than young quilters? probably because there are, but anyway.

if i were a knitter, there would be tons of ways to get involved, meetings to go to, friends to make.. and i've tried to go undercover, pretend i want to knit, and attend functions just to meet people. they can tell i'm not one of them though.
i went a few times to the SNBProv meeting at a yarn shop in pawtucket. they were nice, fun people. they even let me quilt with them while they knitted. but it wasn't working. (and they stopped meeting on the night i had free). i remember going to a KnitWits meeting at Smith too, feighning interest but deep down wishing i could play with fabric instead.

today i went into Baker Books in N. Dartmouth, to see if they had Modern Quilt Workshop (they didn't), and there on the bulletin was a blurb about Knit Lit, the Baker Books knitting group. and just my luck, they meet tonight. 7 pm.

I wandered around the store a bit, mulling the idea over.. could I stay? should i stay? i didn't have any other plans for tonight. I'm sure i'd meet somebody I'd find interesting. Maybe make a friend to hang out with in the area.. But as I got into my car and drove off, I thought, I don't want to knit. I quilt. And I don't need a new hobby, just to make friends. Hell, that's why i started taking Greek classes and joined Weight Watchers. I do want crafty friends, but it would be so much more worth the effort and time if we liked the same crafts. Where are the Japanese-mag-influenced-DSQ-loving-young-hip-quilters on the south coast of Massachusetts? I'm here if you ever want to hang out~

I think I'll just wait til next month and try my luck at the closest quilt guild. They meet on the first Thursday of the month, at a school about 25 minutes north of here. The first (and last) time I went, last November, I felt a little overwhelmed and out of place. There were 60+ women there, they claim to have 100+ members. No one looked under 40 (i didn't look that closely), and most looked like they could be farmers' wives. Now, i have nothing against wives of farmers, or against quilters that are older than me. Actually, my two closest quilting friends/mentors are 50 and 65(?). I'll give it a shot though. I'm sure I'll get along with somebody eventually. I know it takes time for friendships to form (even in this lighting-fast world online), but that fact doesn't do much to console me when I'm feeling creative and alone.

I can't believe I'm so desparate I almost took up knitting...

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luckybeans said...

Hey now. Isn't that why you blog? Loads of bloggy friends! I live in ZAMBIA for heaven's sakes-- I can't even find someone to show me how to wind a bobbin!

So please don't feel disouraged, and be assured that your quilts ROCK! I have been drooling over them.

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