instant gratification

All of this playing with fabric for the past 2 weeks has lead to much over-stimulation, and the need for some instant gratification, which has come in the form of Marble Magnets:

Some are from fabric, some from the most recent Paper Source catalog, and a few are from the index print that came with my latest Shutterfly order. Most will go in a birthday package to someone who doesn't read this blog (i don't think), but who loves giraffes. I think she's turning 25 on Wednesday.

In other news, my lemon tart was a hit at the Pascha party. Overall it was fun, but we ate too much. I didn't count any points yesterday ;)

and thanks to this post
by A Bird in the Hand, I have discovered Jen Corace's work, and absolutly love it. Hmm, I just realized that this could be done as a trackback, but i have no idea how to do that... must investigate.

I had to take my car to the shop today and I didn't have any small projects ready to quilt while I waited, so I grabbed Ming-Dao Deng's 365 Tao off my bookshelf. I hadn't read it in years, but flipping through the entries for the last few days was really eye-opening for me. For example, yesterday's theme was "acceptance." Man, I wish I would have known that yesterday..

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