Almost as good as going there myself

When I got back to work yesterday, Chris started showing me all the goodies he brought back from Japan.. 20+ pens, a new pencase, a doraemon stamp + ink pad, rolls of tape that had cute pictures and the letters of the Japanese alphabet (hiragana), his drawer was almost full of fun cute stuff. and then he said those words I love to hear, "this is for you."


Today Makiba brought for me one of the two things I had asked for... the latest edition of Quilts Japan. Sugoi deshou~

she had cute notepads for me too.. (the one on the left is from Chris, the other two are from Makiba).

I was so anxious to post about it that I couldn't wait for good lighting, or even be bothered to iron the background fabric! wee! Omiyage like these are almost as good as if I had been there myself. I loved Makiba & Chris before, but I adore them now, hehe.

(incase you're wondering, the other thing I asked for was a pair of house slippers, but she couldn't find any...)

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luckybeans said...

Eeee, yay! How fun! Enjoy relishing your new treasures. I am sure you will go to town with the new quilt inspiration, too.

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