Mineola Show

Yesterday Amber & I went to the Evening Star Quilt Guild's show here in Mineola, NY.  It was good, a small but well put together guild show.  They have a nice mix of quilters it seems, some new techniques, some amazing hand quilting.  Still nothing like I see in blogland though, but the people we spoke to were all friendly so now Amber and I are thinking of how to get an evening away from the boys to sneak off to one of their meetings.  We'll just see about that.

Here are some of my favorites.  Click to enlarge.  More over at flickr.

Check out this stunning hand-quilted whole-cloth!  The maker made it (Queen Size) for her daughter and completed it in only 9 months!!

A mini-quilt, this measured less than 15" x 15", and it's hand quilted!!

A new favorite, i feel the need to make something with pink 9 patches on point now...

Just impressive!  hand pieced, appliqued & quilted.  Really makes me want to get to know the ladies in this guild..

Of course we went home very inspired.  So inspired that i decided to wash fabric in fact, hehe.

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The Calico Cat said...

That pink one is (was) a free pattern on quiltville.com

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