Scraps, huh?

At the Silver City show and also at Portsmouth Fabric Co. I was drawn to the scrap piles, as always. Is it bad that I collect other people's scraps? What if I was contemplating posting an ad to buy scraps off of other quilters? Yeah, that's taking it a bit too far i suppose.
For the huge sum of $18.80, I came home with enough scrap fabric to keep me busy for quite a while.
When we got home from the trip (two weeks ago already?) I didn't have the chance right away to start sewing stuff-- first i sorted the new scraps into 3 piles for the laundry. then i contemplated the quilt in my last post for a couple of days. I did a load of scrap laundry & sorted it. thought about new quilts some more, sorted through the existing scrap-stash, and finally, started sewing..

I have wanted to make a spiderweb quilt for about a year or so, I guess. I've had the background fabric set aside for one since last winter. I'm using 2 of Costas' Ralph Lauren button down shirts. Using Bonnie's Method with 8.5 x 11" paper foundations it's actually pretty easy and a hell of a lot of fun. The only trouble so far has been removing the paper-- on the first few triangles I guess I used too much gluestick..

I'm up to 8 blocks so far and I just starched the remaining pieces of the first shirt to keep the threads under control when i cut the kites. It's so much fun to play with my scraps-- i had several bags of bits/strips set aside from past projects and going through each one brings lots of memories. I'm also getting a lot of pleasure from organizing my small scraps. Now I have one bin for triangles and as I wade through bits of fabric I'm pulling out anything that would be too big for this project. Why cut into a 3 x 4" brick when I really just need 1" x 4" or smaller? And believe me, i think I have enough small bits and strips to get this done. I'll be surprized if I actually need to cut fabric for this quilt. I wonder if I'll even use up all my bits and crumbs..

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