The Road to Silver City

And Saturday morning we went to the QUILT SHOW!!

(by MaryJo) One of my favorite quilts of the show!

I'm really liking Trip Around the World quilts these days..

(by Eve Beland)
Eve showed me some of these leaves when she first tried them out. She made two quilts using the leaf idea-- one from a purchased pattern and the one above, her own interpretation.  Amazing, huh? I love how the leaves are pieced and then pieced with the background-- no applique.
A real stunner, caught my eye right as I walked in. I'll probably never make something like this, but it impresses me that someone else has.

And the Raffle Quilt:
Blocks were made by guild members and the quilt was assembled and quilted by Diana Annis. It was a truly stunning quilt and I think it won a ribbon at the Lowel Quilt Show (?). Lots and lots of tickets were sold, but in the end it went to a Silver City guild member, which is perfect! The raffle quilt from the last show went to a woman who hadn't even bought a ticket-- someone else bought it in her name. She wasn't a quilter and after receiving the quilt, contacted the guild to find out its value because she was going to sell it on ebay! We were crushed. I'm so happy this quilt will have a better fate. Here's a close-up:

I have so. many. more. photos. It feels so nice to have new pictures of quilts again! overall, spending the day at the show was very soothing and healing for me. I did a bit of shopping and some catching up with old friends and it was well worth the 5 hour drive from LI.
I'm in the process of putting the rest of the pics with credits on flickr. I'll edit to link there soon.


inkywu said...

Thank you for the great pics. Glad you are having a great time.

Libby said...

Wow I can't believe those leaves aren't appliqued. That is impressive.

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