Dinner with Librarians

The first night of our road trip we spent some time with Joanna, her boyfriend, and two delightful librarians. Good food, stimulating conversation, and nice people genuinely interested in keeping George happy.

They cooked dinner (carbonara & bean salad) while Joanna introduced George to Boston culture.
It was Joanna's birthday last week so there was left over chocolate-peanut-butter cake for dessert (no pics, eaten too quickly). I totally forgot to take a pic of the little coin-purse I gave her, maybe she'll take a pic and send it to me (hint hint)?
Highlight of the evening= George chasing Joanna's cat. Kitty ran behind the couch and George climbed right in after her. Yeah, he gets a little excited around animals..

He fell asleep in the car on the way back to Makiba's so when he woke up Saturday morning and saw all of Ayane's toys he kind of freaked out a little. He was sooo excited. I had a hard time keeping up with him and only got good pics of the kitchen set. Makes me want one too..

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Anonymous said...

Now we know who will be doing the cooking in your house from now on! Way too cute George!


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