Thinning my stash towards Iraq

By now a lot of bloggers/quilters have heard of the Iraqi Bundles of Love project (I heard about it through Jan's link to Kristin's blog). My sewing room is literally jam packed with supplies, a lot of which I'm sure I'll never get to use.
So I picked up some flat-rate boxes at the PO, filled them with love:

and tied the bundles.

Don't forget the lovely customs form!
Iraq, here they come!
My bundles contained mostly non-quilting fabrics-- cotton/poly blends, some silky stuff, a piece of pink waterproof fabric with fruit on it. I also put in a pack of needles, a thimble, some tulle, buttons, fake flowers, ribbon, and several skeins of yarn. I was ready to send off all of my knitting needles (because now I'm sure I'll never knit), but they didn't fit in the box.
If you (or your local quilt guild) want to join in the fun, just leave the IBOL Guy a comment and he'll send you the address. Imagine how much fun it will be for the recipients to untie each bundle...I hope it makes them smile for a long time.


The Calico Cat said...

I've got my stuff ready to pack - just waiting for hubby to bring home the damn box!

IBOL Guy said...

Holy smokes -- two? Oh, boy, I may be in trouble. The mailman is going to run me out of town if everyone sends multiples!

(But, I think it's awesome -- I'll stock up on cookies from my sister, as bribes!)

wevegotpaper said...

I've always loved your handwriting!

Anonymous said...

I love handwriting, and you give me a lot of collection of this.


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