Pushing our strollers through Manhattan

Ahh, Solids. Will I ever learn how to use you?

While I was in Greece, a new friend posted a picture to her facebook and I was like, "woah, Amber quilts!" Of course I knew she quilted, but when you're on the other side of the world, sweating it out in a quilt-deprived nation, a small photo of hexagons can all the sudden spark fun ideas. So when I got home, I asked if she'd be up to taking the boys and the strollers and heading into the city..
(I thought we were coming to the city to have fun mom, not for more quilting..)

We started out at City Quilter, which I'm coming to appreciate quite a bit. They carry most of the new and popular fabrics and their inventory seems to move pretty fast. Tons of notions and books too. George was a bit rowdy and talkative, which made shopping hard, but I did manage to pick up 1/2 a yard of a Christmas print called "Figgy Pudding" and a couple fat quarters. When we were done, we headed south to Purl Patchwork, a tiny but well stocked shop that has their own blog.

Amber checked out the shelves, Dominic charmed the employees,

And George slept through the whole thing (thank goodness!)

Honestly, it was a bit surreal to shop in there, it was kind of like being inside blogland, if that's possible. They have a lot of Japanese fabric, Quilts Japan, and just about every quilting/sewing/craft book written by a blogger in the last 3 years. I liked it, of course, but only bought another 1/2 yard (pink with trees) and some more fat quarters. I'm trying to stick to a budget and God knows I don't need any fabric. the solids in the window (top photo) were awfully tempting though. So many good ideas, so much inspiration. How can I stay focused and get anything done? Well, little by little, of course :)

Already I feel like the house is coming together and things are falling into place. 2 more weeks til school starts. If I can get packages off to 2 long armers, I may actually have quilts to keep me warm this winter..


The Calico Cat said...

Is it o.k. if I say that I like that George is sporting jacob's hair do. (Went to a baby thingy this past weekend & boy oh boy did that girl have a head of hair!)

Anonymous said...

I sooo miss the City Quilter! It was one of my favorite shops. I'm making due with a little hand-work I brought to the Caribbean. I'll be in Atlanta in a few weeks - are there any quilt shops you would recommend?

Libby said...

I am so interested in solids - I'm not really sure how I would use them either so I never end up buying them, but maybe we need to just buy some and start playing around!

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