If you've read my blog for a while (or if you're family), you know I've been to Greece many times. This is the 9th, to be exact. Would you believe I've still never toured the Acropolis?

Today we went downtown to buy souveniers for some friends and after lunch (at a restaurant I've been to several times before), I asked Costas if I could cross the street and look beyond the fence.. this is what I saw:
It's the ancient marketplace. How cool is that? Or maybe, how strange is it that I've sat half a block away from it on more than one occasion but never knew to look?

As any traveling quilter does, I love spotting inspiration in everyday places.. above is the iron covering on the windows of an old church. (I tried to get pictures of some wood carvings inside, but the old women collecting the candle money stopped me.) Below is the storefront of a place that sells fake jewels? Anyway, I liked the vines...

Oh oh, and I must mention that I found what I previously thought didn't exist--- I found a quilter here in Greece!!! or wait, actually she found me, through the blog no less. Friday we're meeting up to show off our current projects, hopefully I'll have pictures and stories to share after that.

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