Turtle Resort

A lot of you will remember that I had a turtle.. a turtle that I brought home with me when I moved back from Japan in 2002. Makoto and I were pretty close.. she kept me company when I lived alone in Hokkaido and came with us on every move we've made in the States since then, as well as on several road trips. Since George was born though, we realized she wasn't getting the type of attention she deserved and we decided to find a better home for her.

I got a phone call last week after putting a post on Craigslist, and wow, I couldn't have dreamed of a better option for her.

Just a short drive from our house is a turtle resort-- a retired couple has turned their yard into an amazing pond/garden and they do turtle rescue as well as collect turtles as a hobby. My only regret in giving up Makoto is not bringing her to this heaven sooner.

We put her in the yard and she explored for a while, eventually finding her way to the pond.

Joan and Mike have about 15 or 20 turtles living outside in two ponds, so Makoto will finally have some company.

She wasn't in very long when this guy came over to check her out. It seemed cute at first, then I realized he's a male, coming to see the new girl in the pond, and I got a little worried for her. I hope he's nice...

She seemed happy and a bit hesitant to be there-- after she dove in, she peeked back at me from behind a rock, like she was checking to see my reaction, if I'd come in and get her. I think it will take a while to get used to her new "freedom" but Mike said most of the former pets adjust to the pond quickly. He also said we can come visit if we like, so maybe we'll go back when George is older. I was sad as we drove over there, but on the way home I felt better. This is definitely better than sitting in a tank in our living room...


wevegotpaper said...

Aww I love the video! That is paradise for these turtles!

makiba said...

you gave makoto away!!!!! i cannot feed her shrimp anymore!! i loved spoiling him. no more biting either!

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