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and we're getting ready to travel again..

Thursday George and I will leave on a short road trip-- up to Northampton, MA for my cousin Amanda's graduation. YAY! I'm excited to go there, but a bit worried about getting around-- it will be crowded and if I find a parking spot, I probably won't want to give it up. Plus there are hills.. and hills with a stroller can be.. well, a work out. I just pray to god it doesn't rain, that would suck.
We're going to be staying on campus (I registered for reunion, even though it's not my reunion year-- it was cheaper and easier than trying to find a hotel) which should be really convenient and special. The accomodations will be bare bones (bring your own towel & lamp), but I'm eager to stay in a Smith house again. Still not too sure how things will go with George, but we'll play it by ear and try to stay flexible. My list of what to pack is getting really really long. There are the essentials like baby nail clippers, wipes, 50 diapers, and sunscreen, but I'll also need to bring the blowdryer, his highchair, extra blankets, bowls, spoons, a waterbottle & travel mug for me, and probably a few things I'm forgetting. I'll start packing tomorrow, wish me luck.

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The Calico Cat said...

baby nail clippers, really?
Please post youor baby list. We are flying to Sisters in July...
I have a carry on list, a mail ahead list, and a checked baggage list!

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