Smith Reunion 2009

It was well worth the drive...

It was great to stay on campus again (In case you're wondering, we were in Chapin). I loved being able to see Amanda walk through campus as though it were her home, because it is, and it was my home for 3 years too. I love that she and I will always share this familiarity and common experience...

Amanda's parents and brother came for the weekend too and it was great to hang out with them. Uncle Tony is my mom's oldest brother.

Everybody was more than willing to hold George for a while and he loved the attention, especially from Alex, who would lift him up high in the air over and over.

The best part of the weekend was Ivy Day, which I think is my favorite holiday, btw. The alumnae parade through campus, past rows of seniors dressed in white. George and I marched in the parade too. He got to see his first marching band...

and a lot (a lot) of white skirts and pants..
The Junior ushers carry long ropes of "ivy" (I think it's laurel) and join the procession after the alumnae. When they are in place, the seniors walk through the "ivy" for the photo-taking-glory of all the parents waiting in the quad..

There were lots of receptions and activities going on all weekend, so we always had something to do. At this reception I let George try grapes for the first time (i bit it in half, held on and let him suck on it for a while). He wanted my brownie, but he's a bit young for that still..

Aunt Molly and George with Paradise pond in the background. Smith does have a truly gorgeous campus.
(George did a photo-shoot especially for Grama..)

In downtown Northampton there is a mural painted on a building next to a parking lot.. It shows the history of women in the town. I only captured one corner, the most important, imo.


The Calico Cat said...

So cute - Jacob is a snugglesaurus too!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, especially with the little one. Oh my, isn't he sweet with that smile! So when will you have a chance to catch up on your quilting?


wevegotpaper said...

Beautiful photos!

It's funny how little hair George has! He's so cute!

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