more stars

Constantina asked if I've found time for quilting..

and I have, here and there. Naps are good-- he sleeps, I stitch. especially when we're not at home (and I don't have housework calling).

This week I've been sewing a lot of stars for Travel Quilt #2, and I also found time to put together the beginings of a wall hanging to match my Anti-depression quilt.

I also rearranged furniture in the sewing room, clearing one corner for some repair work on the wall (removing the airconditioner, filling in the hole), and I like it.

Tomorrow George and I are off to Chicago to spend 2 weeks with my family. The packing list is similar to the one I posted 2 weeks ago-- minus the bath towels and the lamp, and now includes swim diapers & swim trunks. Ahh, summer traveling.. we've got at least 2 more trips planned after this one (all including Costas, thank goodness). George will be a seasoned traveler once September rolls around. (and my Travel Quilt is becoming a travel quilt once again :) ).


Sarah Jayne said...

Your sewing room looks so tidy. I'm very envious.
Have a great trip.

Anonymous said...

That looks like a super project you are working on.

Hope you enjoy your family time. Are you coming to Greece?


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