Almond Brittle

Money's tight, we need to use what we have. Can't go running down to Baskin Robbin's every time we have an urge for an ice cream. It's time to open the cupboards and get creative.

I have a terrible sweet tooth, and sometimes it's easily satisfied with just plain

Yesterday I pulled out my recipe for peanut brittle, but seeing as we had no peanuts, I tried it with almonds and it came out sooooo good. So good that today I decided to make more, and photograph the process...

It's so easy. You just heat sugar until it melts.

Keep stiring.

Then when it gets a nice carmel color, quickly mix in your almonds and salt (I like lots of salt), and pour it out onto a piece of buttered tin foil with the edges folded up.

When it cools a bit, take the tip of a fork and stretch it to make it thin.
Wait a few minutes for it to harden completely, and break it apart.
(made with my little helper, of course).


The Calico Cat said...

How bout I just send you my address...

You are so lucky that you helper will sit nicely... Mine just started day care... When we are together he is latched on... I barely get his diapers into the wash!

Jessica said...

He only sits nicely when I jump and dance around while singing to him. I guess I should have added that as part of the recipe? (Cook sugar, stir, sing the Muppet theme song while waving the wooden spoon, continue stiring...)

Anonymous said...

He is just too adorable and gets more so every picture!

Anonymous said...

Little George is growing like a weed. He looks happy and content so keep singing and jumping. LOL

Dawn from SCQG

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