The Chaos that is my Sewing Room

After a week of unpacking I have made progress, tremendous progress, in the sewing room. Heck, I can see the floor in most places!
I emptied and broke down 5 or 6 moving boxes, moved the table and chairs in, and sorted, sorted, sorted. It's been fun, and after reading Kathie's post this morning, my motivation is up to keep at it for another week~

These pictures were taken last weekend, after I did most of the heavy lifting. Figure I'd document the process and be able to enjoy my hard work, looking back on it from my clean, pristine, organized & functional sewing room. Well, I'm not there yet... but hopefully by spring?

The room has closets along one wall, which will be great for storing fabric out of the light. Sadly, my old fabric shelf didn't fit up the staircase in the new house, so this is my temporary set up..
Almost completely unsorted (I tried to keep non-cottons separate from the quilting stash), a lot of it is still in cardboard boxes because I ran out of room on my little metal shelf here.

There are built-in shelves at the ends of the closet, nice and sturdy to hold heavy books, or tons of Japanese quilting magazines... (sorry for the poor pic quality, photo-shoot time is usually rushed or interupted by my little helper).

George was a good sport through it all. Thank goodness for this rocking chair. As long as I keep singing, dancing, or jumping around to keep him entertained, I can spend as much time as I like in here.

This corner will eventually be my design wall, but for the time being it's holding UFOs, thread, batting, and other notions I may "need" as the unpacking process slowly progresses.

The room is functional now.. I was able to sew Poppy's pouch yesterday and it's getting easier to find things when I need them. The actual sewing machine is still set up in the guest room across the hall and I think it will stay there until things are more organized and less cluttered. Right now I need all the table space for sorting. I was looking on craigslist this week for used furniture-- cabinets or shelves, because there's no way I can have the room the way I want it with things in boxes or piles everywhere. I'm thinking about disassembling the old shelf, bringing it upstairs piece by piece and reassembling it. It's a bit selfish of me though, because it has found a very useful home in George's room and is now full of baby stuff. Oh well, I'm happy that any progress is made in here, no matter how slow, and I'm sure I'll find a great shelf or cabinet once the springtime garage sale season starts.
(Do you think I should make curtains a priority? Seeing the pics on the blog makes me realize I need to get some control over that sunlight...)


Yoshimi said...

I have started "Sashiko" for the beginning of my sewing. I checked the books that you recomended, but Hawaiian kilt seemed difficult for me now. I have started the easiest one to continue for a long term as my hobby♪

Le Coccole said...

Hey! I can't belive it passed so long time from when I browse my bloglines last time! But it is! I didn't know about George, he is beautiful! Congrats on your lovely baby and on your beautiful works!
Ciao, Giusy

2ne said...

Nice to have a own seewing room, and it seams like you have big space too. Have a great day

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