January's project for the challenge

I took George's quilt off the wall (where it looks pretty awesome, btw) and snapped some photos. There are 5 big circles and 4 of them still need quilting in the centers. that's it, and it's been in this state of unfinished-ness for almost 5 months. Bout time I did something about it.

I wanted to actually work on it today so earlier I went up to the sewing room to find the green thread... couldnt find it anywhere. What with half unpacking, searching for xmas decorating supplies and tossing stuff around haphazardly to move some furniture last week, I thought it might be gone forever, so I picked up the blue thread instead. Then I couldn't find my needle book or an embroidery needle. Argh! When will i have the chance to straighten the room up?!

Finally found a needle, and in the process found the missing green thread (in a "safe" place on the cutting table, I guess I had the forsight 3 months ago to put it there just in case..) which had a needle stuck in it. By that time George had woken up again. He's down for his afternoon nap now though, so better stop typing and start quilting...


PJ said...

What a nice wisp to work on...I found the challenge, too :)

Mediterranean kiwi said...

beautiful patterns, beuatiful stitches, i love your patchwork

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