The Challenge

I was reading my bloglines today and by way of Hanne's post, I found out about Kris & May Britt's challenge for 2009. Complete one UFO per month. Hmm, I really want to try that. Not only will it shrink my pile of UFOs, but it will keep me positive and keep me quilting. It may even help me organize and eventually unpack the sewing room.
Today I had been checking things off the "to do" list anyway, so joining the challenge seems quite timely. I am about to hang a nearly-finished quilt on the wall, just to get it up, so I think that will be my WISP for January. It's George's first baby quilt and it just needs a few hours of quilting. Hopefully I can find those hours before the end of the month.


PJ said...

I'm liking the idea of this...just one...can't be tooooo hard can it??? I think I will have this in mind if not 'steal' the button for my blog. WE CAN DO IT!

Deb said...

George is adorable and his quilt is beautiful too.

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