So Friday was my birthday.

Mom called and said, "Is Costas taking you out for a nice dinner?"
and I said, "um, what? no. I have a newborn."

On Friday George and I hung out all day as usual. Costas brought home take out for dinner and an ice cream cake from Baskin Robins, but after our evening routine of fussy baby and repeated feedings to get him to sleep, I was too tired to eat it.

Saturday was better though-- Amy came over and we had great hopes to do some holiday crafting. George was even sweet enough to take a long nap so she and I could catch up, but alas, too much talking and eating and no crafting at all.

I did manage to make these ultra simple decorations last week though, just felt and beads, but looking at them on my table reminds me that I AM a creative person, and I will have time to express myself again some day. I'm also taking a few minutes here and there to make Christmas ornaments, if I finish one, I'll blog about it. It all depends on when I can find the time..


PJ said...

Happy birthday! I just thought the 1st was mine and I didn't even mention it on my blog :( Anyway, your cake looks absolutely wonderful and I love your simple decorations the flowers are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Don't let having a newborn change your life they are very flexible and if you just go with the flow and take them wherever you go they tend to be more relaxed creatures. I see George looks a bit frustrated he might have liked going out to dinner! Give it a try! Been there, done that. I found the busier you are the less they fuss. Just and FYI for a new Mom. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!
I agree with the post above..they just go along with you! Really! I had three and they are now adults living productive lives, so BELIEVE ME when I say if I can do it (and survive!)you can too!
And it is SO true...they grow up before you know it, so take alot of pictures that you can use to bribe your way out of the old folks home when you're old and grey!!!

Bea said...

A bit late but from the heart! Happy birthday Jessica! AND congratulations to your lovely baby George! He looks so sweet! I wish you a Happy New Year, dear young family! Thanks for your comment on my blog! Hugs Bea

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