We've passed the 6 week mark and with our houseguests packed up and gone, I've started coming out of the "fog" and am starting to feel like myself again.

I've started reading my bloglines which have been on hold since mid October.. Kathie's post reminded me of what my life really used to be like... for a brief moment my mind drifted to my sewing room and to thoughts of making things (the room's still half unpacked, half painted, and now closed off to save $ on heat), but then I looked down at the sleepy bundle in my lap and remebered it will probably be a few months still before I can get in there and actually do anything.
For now I should be grateful for the things I can do:
-type with one hand.
-sleep/eat/check email while breastfeeding.
-spend every minute with this kid that gets cuter by the day...


Kim said...

George has such an intelligent look about him, a baby mensa!

Mediterranean kiwi said...

hi, i'm greek and i live in crete, i've been following your blog for the wonderful patchwork you've been doing - just wanted to say "na sas zisi" (a greek greeting to newborn babies)

KathieB said...

What a guy!!

If he's a good napper, you MIGHT be able to get something done. But it may be a while before he's a good napper. I can remember trying to sew at my machine with a kid sitting on my lap. And my kids were always tall--it was hard to see over their heads to sew!

PJ said...

ahhh, sounds comforting. Boy, your baby is SOOOOOO cute! Enjoy every second!

Rayna said...

I can't even imagine how he could get any cuter! What a gorgeous kid.

My kids learned their shapes from my quilts == ya know, "square" "triangle" "rectangle." Have fun!

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