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Last week Janet took me out to Quilter's Stash and it's a darn good thing I never got out there before. This shop is amazing!! they have everything, really, EVERYTHING. for example== i had been looking for a Baptist Fan quilting template for the last few weeks and, sure enough, they had one.
Their fabric collection is huge. It was a good thing I had a specific project in mind when I went in or I could have been lost in there for hours.

They have tons of classes too and a very nice, large classroom. It's too far for me to have ever taken a class there, but I'm happy to know that such a shop exists in southeastern MA...

Janet helped decide on suitable backing fabrics, thankfully they were all on the clearance shelf. I finally chose one asian floral with a mustard-ish background and two KF shot cottons (one is the same that I used on the front, the other matches nicely).

Though my will power was strong, I couldn't leave without another fat quarter in a dark bamboo leaf print as well as the Baptist fan template and a water soluble marking pen. This shopping trip completely ate up my spending budget for that week, and it might take me a bit of time to recover...
The quilt is almost finished, well... I will have to really focus on it today in order to have it ready by tomorrow afternoon, but it will get done. Janet had good hints for solving my 2" square sashing issues-- instead of sewing on one long strip (50 squares) to join the rows of blocks, I have been sewing 7 squares to the bottom of each block and then joining them. Maybe this is a well know sashing secret, but I haven't made too many quilts with sashing, so the headaches and secrets were all new to me.

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amandajean said...

I never tried sashing that way before. I'll have to give it a try next time. But unlike you, I am no stranger to sashing.

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