quilting surprise

My sweet relaxing trip in Chicago is coming to an end. I took so many good pics of my family, I hope my computer at home can handle the photo uploads.
On Saturday we went over to Grama's and Aunt Chris had some quilts for me to look at.. First was this fantastic vintage hexagon top that she picked up at a second hand store for.. $2!!!!!! Amazing. It needs some TLC (a few hexagons have worn thin with age) and she thought I'd be up for the challenge of restoring it. I will definitely put it to good use and probably display it proudly in my new sewing room, but it might be a while before I find the time to give it proper patches and actually quilt it. At any rate, I am grateful for the gift and very happy to add this top to my quilting collection. (Can't wait to show it off to the guild next weekend..)

Everybody has been talking about Chrissy's "Tie Quilt" which I hadn't seen til this weekend. Absolutly fantastic~ She took Uncle Mike's old ties and did a fantastic version of a crazy quilt, complete with embroidery and everything. It is still a work in progress but I am amazed at what she has done so far. I really wanted to add a few stitches for her that day, but she didn't have any embroidery thread on her.

I had such a good time this trip home, plenty of good memories to get me through the next few hectic months. I hope people will come visit me at our new place, cause I know I won't be up for traveling for a while. I'm not even looking forward to flying home today, hopefully I can just quilt through it and the time will pass quickly.


amandajean said...

the $2 quilt is AMAZING! what a great one to add to your collection.

Danetta said...

I just wanted to tell you thank you. Finding your blog has given me the inspiration to do something I have always wanted to do.
I can't believe there is a quilt anywhere to find for $2!
I look forward to seeing more of your designs.

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